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5 Ways to Fight Winter Blues

Its mid January here in the PNW and my winter blues are in full swing. In fact this last Sunday I spent most of the day in bed, yuck! So here are a few thing I like to do to help me fell happier and more productive. Get up and just move. Snuggling all day […]


Its update time on this last month of my fitness journey. I’ll be honest I have done very little since the end of May in the form of actual gym time. I have been doing mini bodyweight sessions in my room but they haven’t been consistent enough to produce results. I have been keeping my […]

How I Survived My 1st Juice Cleanse: Day 3

Welcome back! Saturday was my final juicing day and to be honest it was the hardest day. I thought it would be easy since we had planned to escape the heat and hangout at the beach. I figured I wouldn’t be doing much activity wise. WRONG! So wrong, the morning went great, I slept great. […]

How I Survived My 1st Juice Cleanse: Day 2

On to day 2 of my Suja juice cleanse. First what is a juice cleanse and why would one do one? Why would anyone in their right mind want to only have liquids for multiple days in a row as their only source of calories? There are many health benefits to a juice cleanse whether […]

Jeanice Truong

Jeanice Truong

So I think its best to start with a little about myself. I was born in AZ, raised in UT, a mom, and a military wife. In 2014, my husband and I decided to leave our careers and move our family to Oregon, its been the best decision we have made. Things I absolutely love include food, weight lifting, and enjoying this adventure called “life”. These are the things that I want to share with you.

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